Cry “Ball” 

Australian Rules Football is our national sport. In many ways, a national treasure.

When a tackle is made, the crowd roars “Ball”.

This roar, is done with amazing unity. One could say it’s like an orchestrated choir, all hitting the same note at the exact same time, This roar of “ball”, thunders throughout the stadium and can even be heard outside the stadium.

A tackle is often made after a relentless and brave pursuit by an opponent that is chasing down the player in possession of the ball.

The roar of “ball” is extremely unique to the world, as it is only done in Australian Rules Football. Grybas is bringing light to that one word, that roar of “Ball”.

Public Announcement

Due to the health crisis of 2020 that the AFL community has endured, I wish to make the following statement as a public announcement.

I am gifting the intellectual property of my invention Grybas, to the Australian Football League.

Often our darkest times in life, can bring a greater light.

I privately invented Grybas several years ago, simply while I was at home watching a game on television.
The roar of “ball” is deeply unique to sport and very powerful.
Then an idea popped into my head while I was thinking about how powerful this unique roar is, that we as football fans have now been doing for decades.
Every fan can have a small voice recognition microphone, worn as a headband, or headset, and many other ways, that trigger a small light in your team colours when you roar “ball”.

The small light, positioned at the side or top of your head, is directed forwards, meaning people seated behind you, nor people to the side of you, see the small flash of light, thus not visually impairing or detrimental to viewing.

When you first obtain your Grybas unit, you record your voice roaring “ball”.
Then during the game, your light is triggered when your player makes a tackle, as you roar “ball”.
The result will be an entire stadium erupting in unison, with a flash of thousands of lights for one second, when a player has made a tackle.

In addition to this, as a fan, you can also record your voice singing key parts of your team theme song, by example Richmond, “Yellow and Black”, so at the start and end of a game, your Grybas unit triggers your team colours, when you sing, “Yellow and Black”

I have named this invention as a tribute to the great late Clinton Grybas.
I never had the honour of meeting Clinton, however by coincidence, we were both born in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and our birth time was only hours apart. (same age within a day)

In the past few years, I privately surveyed people about this invention, and the result was overwhelmingly in favour of it.
In fact, most people that were not even attending games, said they will attend games in the future if they had the Grybas fan equipment to use.

Like many thousands of people, I grew up kicking a ball in a street, my team growing up I supported was Fitzroy and I still fondly remember the freezing winter days just sitting in the outer, enjoying the games with my father.
The fans truly are what makes the sport what it is.
It is a great sport that is made even greater by the fans.

On a very personal note, I have suffered with depression from age 20.
I have survived attempted suicide.

I feel this is relevant information, as I was deeply moved by the tragic loss of Danny Frawley.

So many amazing people have been very inspiring to this sport.
Many we lost far too young, including the absolutely brilliant sports commentator Clinton Grybas.

Like all of us, we can feel very uncertain about the future and where the world is at, but what I do know is, we need to keep inspiring each other and bring forward things that might encourage light and love to community.

If you are suffering from depression, please do not give up on yourself. You are worth every breath you make.

I wish to also state, I do strongly believe the AFL has been stepping in the right direction, by becoming a sport of Inclusion, not exclusion.
They will not always get it right, but will always be aiming to.

I believe Grybas can be so spectacular, that even the likes of the Asian and American market will become interested in it as a product and then also extend global interest in AFL.

Conditions of Gift

  1. AFL to have full ownership rights to Grybas as gift from inventor Brad Jamin.
  2. Grybas as a product must be manufactured in Australia and potentially distributed to the world.
  3. AFL will have full rights to utilise Grybas product in any way they feel may positively empower the sport and inspire community.
  4. AFL will have full rights to utilise Grybas’ commercial value with any broadcast partnerships they have going forward into the future.
  5. AFL will have full rights to establish deals with other sports to use Grybas, further empowering the AFL financially.
  6. AFL must help further empower local and grassroots football.
  7. AFL must name this invention/idea Grybas
  8. AFL must sign this release as gift from me, officially.

In closing, I wish to sincerely thank everyone that has ever been involved in AFL, for your contribution and service.
From team staff, to players, to fans, to all our brilliant commentators.
Thank you for inspiring all of Australia.

What is GRYBAS

Grybas is a headset that is purchased by a fan. The product consists of two key elements.

  1. A voice recognition microphone.
  2. A light that is triggered by the voice recognition microphone.

When the fan first obtains their Grybas, they switch it on and record their voice shouting the word “Ball”. The word is then recorded into the Grybas unit.

A light on the Grybas unit, is triggered when the fan screams out “Ball”. The light is in their team colours.

By example, an Essendon Grybas would trigger a red light. A Richmond Grybas will trigger a yellow light, etc.

In a crowd of 100,000 at the MCG, approximately 50,000 lights will erupt throughout the stadium, triggered by the unified roar of the fans, when their player makes a tackle, officially making AFL the most spectacular sport in the world, and relevant to the world market.

Why is Grybas possible

When a tackle is made, it is a one to 2 second action.

The eyes of the players, both with the ball, the tackler, the players nearby and also the umpires, are fixed towards that one moment of impact, and it is normally a low to the ground action. During that one impacting second, Grybas harnesses this action, this energy, not just through the roar of “ball”, but through lights.

Due to the action being a fixed moment of impact, both the players and umpires will be somewhat oblivious that the stadium in that one second, erupted with lights, thus, not affecting the players and field of play.

The result being a stadium that completely erupts with a roar and lights in one spectacular breathtaking second. On average, there are approximately 150 tackles made during a game of AFL. Thus 150 moments the stadium erupts into a sea of lights.

The Benefits of Grybas

  1. Very exciting product for fans to purchase, as it’s a very personal item, triggered solely by their own voice.
  2. Will increase crowd attendance figures
  3. So spectacular and unique to sport, will make Australian Rules Football relevant in the world market.
  4. Children will love the product so much, will inspire them to play AFL, thus very beneficial for grassroots football, participant levels, which is completely vital for the future of AFL and the growth of our national sport.
  5. Visually spectacular for television. A camera with a wide shot, would see a player being tackled and in the background the sea of lights erupting. Aerial views would also display this one second impact moment.
  1. Increases intensity for players. It may also increase the intensity of players as they would be even more inspired to make a tackle.
  2. Will raise the decibel level in stadiums and fans will be even more enthused and inspired to scream out the word Ball, when a tackle is made.
  3. Will increase television audience figures, thus more commercial value.
  4. Secures the future of Australian Rules Football, as Grybas can only be truly done in the sport of Australian Rules football, better than any other sport in the world.
  5. New Grybas units, features, will be updated and modernised every year, for commercial sales.

Grybas variations

Grybas will come in varied product choices. By example, it can be a beanie, with the microphone, and light.

Or a Cap.

Or a headset with earphones.

Even just a subtle headband, with a microphone.

There will be multiple options to choose from for each Grybas. All have the two key elements. The voice recognition microphone and the light.

Will fans use Grybas incorrectly in a harmful way ?

No. A message on the large screens pre-game will read: Please use your Grybas for its true intended purpose. AFL fans are among the most well behaved fans in the world, that is why they can sit together in stadiums, even opposing fans sit together.

It would take a collective organised group of people to incorrectly use a Grybas, by example screaming out “ball”, behind the goals, when a player is taking a set shot at goal.

It simply wouldn’t happen.

Even if it was just 2 people, that is the equivalent of just a camera flash, which happens anyway and doesn’t harm the player taking a set shot at goal.

Can Grybas work during the day in daylight ?

Yes. Different forms of light technology can actually penetrate the daylight.

Each Grybas unit can be set to day or night mode, offering two different forms of a flash.


Try Ball

Voice recognition light for Rugby League fans.

Record your voice cheering your team name, eg, “Go Manly”,  triggers the Grybas light.

And “Try”, triggers the Grybas light.
Try Ball


As gift from inventor Brad Jamin to:
Alex Mckinnon and Teigan Mckinnon.