To World Leaders

Please end Brinkmanship.
We must move courageously yet gently towards the future.
The old days of war, the old ways of posturing, it’s been done to death. Literally.

Please be bored by it. Be bored by bombs. They are bloody predictable. Bombs are boring. Bombs are unimaginative.

Please forever be intrigued by your citizens imaginations
Citizens must not be viewed as pawns on a chess board.
Each human life has the capacity to create and innovate.

It is time for the nations of the world to truly embrace the magic of human minds and hearts, exploring their senses, their art, their ideas.
We need to create an outpouring of ideas, on a scale the world has never seen before.

We all share one common fundamental system.
The system of love and inspiration.
We must inspire. Inspiration, not domination.