The Purpose

The Purpose of Imajin Australia is to enable our citizens to freely submit their ideas, without a dollar to their name.

From the moment a child is born, they reach for crayons, colours, building blocks.
They innately want to create and build.
It is one of the most precious parts of our existence.

Sadly, many millions of people as we grow through all sorts of hardships in teenage years and into adulthood, we lose that sense of creativity.
People feel “hopeless” even when they do not need to feel that way.
So to numb that sense of hopelessness, they turn to substance abuse, drugs, pills, alcohol, and even worse, suicide.
There is both a drug and suicide epidemic in Australia.
This must change.

The truth is, even the depressed, the destitute, the homeless, still have that creative mind they were born with, they just don’t know what to do with it.

Here are some basic reasons people do not know what to do with their ideas and their creative brilliance.

  1. Too stressed.
  2. Feeling hopeless.
  3. Do not have time to pursue an idea.
  4. Do not know where to go with an idea.
  5. Intimidated to approach corporations and big business with an idea.
  6. Can’t afford to pursue an idea.
  7. Find the legal establishment of an idea too intimidating.
  8. Homeless
  9. Too depressed to pioneer an idea.
  10. Bullied out of an idea.

What happens: we have a society consisting of millions of people, completely stagnant, one could say even paralyzed, with their own creative genius, so society doesn’t even get to see millions of new ideas come to tangible fruition.

Think of how someone is depressed, in a dark place, laying in bed.

Our goal, is to at the very least, let that person know, they still have worth, they still have hope, by “thinking”.
Without a dollar to their name, they write to Imajin Australia, safely submit their idea, for consideration.

We must help spark imaginations in Australia, and indeed the world, to help push humanity away from the dark and towards light.
The creative light in people, evident as soon as a baby is born, is deeply precious.

We must help people realise their creative light can forever shine.

Society isn’t just made up of Consumers. It needs to be made up of Creators.
Every human has the capacity to create. Every person has worth.

It is our duty to help raise hope for future generations.
We must inspire.