Everyone deserves a first class welcome

The feeling of courtesy, care, help, love, acts of kindness, good deeds, are sadly lacking in the heart of society, the heart of cities. The first 3 letters from the word Volunteers have been flipped, to create The Lovunteers. As a society, the vast majority of us get sick of feeling like we are being sold a product. You can barely go anywhere without thinking somebody is trying to sell you something. Cities are ironic. They have so many people in them, but an individual can feel so lonely. We should be welcomed, with open arms, open doors, and open hearts.

A team of well dressed Lovunteers will rotate shifts to welcome people into the city and lend a helping hand where possible. Melbourne is one of the finest event capitals of the world.  The team of Lovunteers, are responsible for the following:

  1. Helping people on and off trams. Helping ladies, elderly, children, find a seat.
  2. Complimenting people upon arrival, wishing people a nice day. “Welcome to Melbourne, have a lovely day Sir”
  3. Help carry bags etc, for elderly.
  4. Lend a helping hand to anyone in the immediate vicinity.
  5. Not sell a product directly.
  6. Represent events that we hold dear to the city, but without pushing a product.
  7. Teams will be partly government funded, or kindly sponsored. Each team member should be able to have an online profile, to at the very least list their skills and aspirations, for future career opportunities. Lovunteers provides a platform for people to showcase their conduct and willingness to commit acts of goodwill.
  8. Have a gentle conversation with anyone that may appear lonely or lost. Help with directions etc.
  9. Visit nursing homes etc.

Being a Lovunteer can also prove to be a good starting platform for people wishing to become Flight Attendants and the Hospitality industry in general

The ladies will be dressed in smart dresses with a splash of red. The Gents will be dressed in sharp suits.

The idea of humans helping humans needs to be socially infectious. Contagious. And what better way than to promote this need, in the heart of a major city. This must then become a global trend. We are far too distant visually, from the sense of humans simply helping each other, without money being splashed around and pushed. We need to get back to some old fashioned core values, of simply helping each other. Melbourne not only can be the finest at presenting this, but we can then urge all the cities around the world to do similar. So help, and love, becomes an infectious necessity to us all, a tangible reality.

People are too stuck looking down into their phones. We need to set a whole new world standard of social conduct and acts of kindness on display as an example for children to be inspired and guided by.

The Lovunteer teams should be made up of people from many cultures and ages, both men and women, to market a sense of harmony for humanity. How we “feel” about the world, and about each other, is Everything. There is no point in humanity pursuing other galaxies, if we can’t even get core essentials correct, here on earth. To feel good about each other, matters. It matters a lot.

We must inspire the re-connection of society.

Attention Lord Mayor of Melbourne, we need you to help make this happen.